Spam Musubi – Good or Great?

Once upon a time, a skeptical Mochikonian asked Riki about the SPAM in Hawaii.

“Just. Why?”

To which he replied in his characteristically sage way that during the War, SPAM was one of the most accessible sources of protein on the island. He told this little Mochikonian a story about how the island people made SPAM into a portable and nourishing snack by searing it, glazing it with teriyaki, placing it on top of a bed of packed rice, and finally wrapping the whole shebang in a strip of nori.

What the little Mochikonian took away from Riki’s story, is this: In a climate of adversity and turmoil the people of Hawaii used imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness to transform their crude reality into something nourishing and delicious – hope in a better tomorrow.

Today, we see the same imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness in our community.

Charlottesville is our home, and everyday we witness people fighting for one another. Our community is full of people fighting for their dreams and fighting to promote hope in a climate of uncertainty.

Each musubi is a celebration of this fight. And here’s the secret, friends: In every SPAM musubi there is an invisible layer between the rice and the SPAM. Right before you hit the teriyaki, there’s a flavorless memory of aloha. Here, aloha means perseverance.

Thank you, Charlottesville for your perseverance, and Thank you Riki- for the story of SPAM.